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European Championship Open Round Events (New)

Austin Lockwood  Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Following the decision taken in Kraków during ICCF Congress 2013, the new European Championship Open Round events will commence on 1st January 2014. Sections will consist of 7 players and will start continuously whenever 7 entries are received. All sections will be played on the ICCF Webserver.

Winners of an Open Round may enter a European Championship Preliminary Section regardless of rating.

The following players have the right to participate in the European Championship Open Round:

  1. players new to ICCF or those without an ICCF rating
  2. players rated below 2100 at the time of application.

Welsh players may enter directly on the ICCF server through Direct Entry (€6.00), or through WCCF by cheque. Please state your qualification criteria at time of entry.

Chess 960 European Team Cup

Austin Lockwood  Sunday, September 15, 2013

ICCF-Europa invites all its member federations to enter teams to this new team tournament to be played on the ICCF webserver.

Each member federation may enter one team of comprising of 4 players and a team captain.

Conditional upon the number of entries, the tournament will be organised in either one or two stages.

All pairings will use the Double Round Robin system whereby players will play 2 games with alternate colours against each opponent under Chess 960 Rules (both games against the same opponent will start with the same randomised position of the pieces but these will vary against other opponents). The rate of play will be 20 days for 10 moves and the games will be unrated.

The tournament will start on 1st November 2013.

If we have four players interested I will submit a team to represent Wales; selection will be strictly by rating if more than four players come forward. Please let me know as soon as possible if you would like to play.


New friendly match vs. Latvia

Austin Lockwood  Sunday, September 8, 2013


Good luck all!

Friendly match against Venezuela

Austin Lockwood  Sunday, August 18, 2013


Good luck to our players!

Anyone Welsh chess player who is interested in playing in these friendly matches should get in touch; there are always free boards for extra players and all are welcome.

2nd Thor Løvholt Team Tournament Semi-Final 1

Austin Lockwood  Sunday, August 18, 2013

Good luck to the Welsh players in this under 2300 international team tournament which started today:


ICCF World Cup 20

Austin Lockwood  Friday, August 9, 2013

The International Correspondence Chess Federation is delighted to announce the Russian Correspondence Chess Association as the main organizer of the ICCF World Cup 20 Webserver Tournament.

The tournament will be played on the ICCF Webserver and will be organized in three stages. The number of promotions will depend on total entries received, but groups at preliminary and semifinal stages will be comprised of 13 players (12 games) played with a rate of play of 10 moves in 50 days. The event will be rated with title norms, which are usually possible at the semifinal and final stages.

Please see here for more details; entries may be made shortly through Direct Entry on the ICCF webserver, or by cheque directly to the Welsh Correspondence Chess Federation at the reduced fee of £10.00; please send entries and cheques to:

Austin Lockwood, WCCF Secretary, PO Box 2227, Bolton BL6 9GR

ICCF - 2013 Congress Summary

Austin Lockwood  Monday, July 29, 2013

  • Statute 13 was modified to allow deviations from FIDE when appropriate.
  • “The Basic Laws of Chess only apply to Over-the-Board play”
  • New ICCF Member Federations:
    • Cape Verde (Zone 4 – Francisco Carapinha – Delegate)
    • Venezuela (Zone 2 - César Jesús Reyes Maldonado – Delegate)
  • Andrew Dearnley (ENG) elected as Marketing Director
  • Markus Hömske (FRA) appointed as NTTC (Non Title Tournament Commissioner)
  • Jason Bokar (USA) appointed as Help Desk Manager
  • Neil Limbert (ENG) has resigned from the qualification Commission position after a superb 4-year contribution to ICCF. Any interested parties are invited to contact the General Secretary for more information.
  • Scoring 3/1/0 proposal not adopted
  • Chess 960 rating are approved – Rating Commissioner is working on implementation.        Incremental time control adopted (10/50 remains the time control for most ICCF tournaments)
  • Special Leave disbanded effective 01/01/2014. 45 days of leave per calendar year will be introduced for all tournaments starting after 01/01/2014.
  • Table bases are introduced. 50-move rule suspended if TB is entered. Playing Rules committee along with the Service Director, under oversight of the EB will address the technical issues of implementation.
  • Some changes were made to the Code of Conduct regarding slow play.
  • A new category will be added to the Promotion Events ladder (below to Open class) to promote chess for very low ranking players.
  • Congress – 2014 – Sydney – Delegate Brian Jones is already preparing for an Oct 2014 Congress Australia.
  • Congress 2015 – Bulgaria has submitted a non-binding interest in hosting the 2015 in a resort on the Black Sea. However, other Federations are encouraged to submit proposals before Australia.

British Ladies Correspondence Chess Championships

Austin Lockwood  Friday, June 28, 2013

The Championships start annually on October 15, with an adjudication date of July 31 following, and are open to any woman or girl resident in the British Isles except the Irish Republic; there is no membership qualification. Compete for the beautiful Lady Herbert Trophy and the Champion's prize of £30, with a runner-up prize of £15. Prizes in the Candidates sections are £10 for first and £5 for second.

The Championship section has up to 7 players, typically with 2 games v each opponent, and Candidates sections of up to 7 players will be similarly organised if entries permit. Play is by post unless both players agree to play by email, which is the most popular method nowadays. There is a strong possibility of the rules being changed to allow the event to be transferred to the ICCF Webserver for 2013-14, making the transmission of moves and recording of dates so much simpler and cheaper.

Entries so far: Toni Halliwell (defending champion), Valerie Craven and Stephanie Lawrence.

Entry fee: £7

The tournament director reserves the right to assign players to the most appropriate section. Please make cheques payable to the British Federation for Correspondence Chess.

Entries should reach the tournament director, Keith Escott, by September 30 2013. Entries and enquiries to:

Keith Escott, 43 Orchard Road, Erdington, Birmingham B24 9JB. Phone: 07831 563536 Email: [email protected]

Welsh players have been successful in the past, with Hazel Brunker tying with Toni Binns (now Halliwell) in 1981 and Debbie Evans (as Debbie Cooper) winning in 1987-9 inclusive.

Trio No. 3

Austin Lockwood  Thursday, May 23, 2013

Well played Philip Dean - winner of Trio No. 3!


Spain vs Wales, Match Started

Austin Lockwood  Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Good luck to all players in this international friendly match.


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