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Norm Watch

Russell Sherwood  Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Congratulations to William Bishop for picking up a CCE Norm in George D. Pyrich Memorial Team Tournament SF1 Board 2

NORJUB-75 Jubilee (NOR)

Russell Sherwood  Sunday, September 15, 2019

In celebration of its 75th anniversary, the Norwegian Correspondence Chess Federation is organizing an International Open Tournament.

ICCF Webserver
Register within 20th of October. Multiple entries allowed.

Register to: [email protected]

The tournament in 3 stages: Preliminaries, Semi-finals, and Final
Title norms possible in Semi-finals and Final
7 players groups in Preliminaries
Rating list 2019/4

Winner and runner-up of each group qualify to Semi-finals
11-13 players in Semi-finals.

No player is allowed to play more than two Semi-finals groups.

Entry fee 200 NOK (20 EURO) to https://www.paypal.me/Fjernsjakk
Players rated 2300 or above may join the semi-finals directly paying 200 NOK.


We use TrippleBlock system:
Preliminaries stage will start on 1st. November 2019 (TriBl 350)
Semi-finals: 1st. February 2021 (TriBl 350)
Final: 1st. April 2022 (TriBl 500)

Prizes: Winner of the semifinals wins 50 Euros

Prizes final: 400€ for first place; 300€ for second place; 200€ for third place, and medals

Prizes guaranteed if over 110 starters.  
TO: Roger Løvaas
TD: Roger Løvaas

WCCF Mailing List

Austin Lockwood  Saturday, September 14, 2019

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Interview: LGM Toni Halliwell (ENG)

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British Correspondence Chess Championship 2019-21

Russell Sherwood  Thursday, September 12, 2019

is underway https://www.iccf.com/event?id=81192

A Category 6 event with Welsh hopes residing with the Sherwoods.

An interesting mix of entries this year with almost 50% of the field being new to the Championship section

William Bishop represents in the Candidates section  https://www.iccf.com/event?id=81193

Marc Wakeham, Stephen Bailey and Margaret Baron are in a fascinating Reserves A Category https://www.iccf.com/event?id=81194.  This event is a very rare Category A with +3 reqirered for a CCE Norm

In Reserves C https://www.iccf.com/event?id=81196- debutant Jon Coles faces an interesting challange

BCCCTournament start

ICCF World Cup 22 Semi-Final's Underway

Russell Sherwood  Sunday, September 8, 2019

Good Luck to Gareth Yeo in ICCF World Cup 22 Semifinal 3 , Craig Evans in ICCF World Cup 22 Semifinal 7 and Sean Denton ICCF World Cup 22 Semifinal 8​

Tournament startWorld Cup

CXEB 50 - Years Open (BRA) Tournament

Russell Sherwood  Sunday, September 8, 2019


In celebration of its 50th anniversary, CXEB is organizing an International Open Tournament, approved by the ICCF Congress in Vilnius (LTU), called the "CXEB 50 - Years Open (BRA) Tournament".

Registration by each Entry: 10 Euros only through PayPal ([email protected])

Oficial Website: http://www.cxeb.org.br/l50cxebi.htm

ICCF Webserver 

Tournament in 3 stages: Preliminaries, Semifinals, and Finals.

Start Date: Octubre 2019

Sponsor: Clube de Xadrez Epistolar Brasileiro CXEB (BRA)

Rating List 2019-4

TO: SIM Richard Fuzishawa (BRA)

TD: Leonardo Simal (BRA)


This stage will start on Octubre 31st, 2019. Groups will be composed by 7 players.

Registration will close on October 21, 2019 !

Registration: via the organizer via PayPal, multiple entries allowed

Top two places advance to the Semifinals.

Cost of preliminaries: 10.00€

Rate of play: Triple Block system for a 350 days event, with 75 days initial bank and 1 day increment for the first 50 moves is used.



Will start as soon as qualifiers are determined

Players rated 2200 or higher may register to semifinals directly and will pay 15.00€

ICCF titles and norms are possible.

Winner only advances to Final and will receive money 15.00€ 

Rate of play: Triple Block system for a 350 days event, with 75 days initial bank and 1 day increment for the first 50 moves is used.



Will start as soon as qualifiers from the semifinals are determined

Prizes: 300€ for first place; 200€ for second place; 100€ for third place; money to be split evenly among tied players. (No tiebreak will be used.) Monetary prizes will only be distributed through Paypal.

ICCF titles and norms are possible.

Rate of play: Triple Block system for a 500 days event, with 50 days initial bank and 3 day increment for the first 50 moves is used.


Amici Sumus,

Richard Mitsuo Fuzishawa

[email protected]

CXEB Tournament Organizer

OpenTournament Announcement

Esko Nuutilainen Memorial Team Tournament Final & George Pyrich Semi-Final

Russell Sherwood  Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Early days in this events but out initial standings are positive

Esko Nuutilainen Memorial Team Tournament Final

Here we have one result to date and in fact of the 20 games finished so far, only 1 has been decisive!

George D. Pyrich Memorial Team Tournament SF1

Another cagy event, with Slovakia taking an early lead in terms of wins

Netherlands versus Rest of Europe

Russell Sherwood  Wednesday, September 4, 2019

A friendly match Netherlands versus Rest of Europe  is being arranged

ICCF Zone 1 and De Nederlandse Bond van Correspondentieschakers are delighted to announce that a friendly match Netherlands versus Rest of Europe will be organized in November, 2019.

1. The match will be played on ICCF webserver, ICCF Playing Rules will apply. Time control is 10 moves in 50 days with duplication after 20 days.

2. Number of boards is expected 50 to 60.

3. Any Zone 1 (Europa) National Federation (except for Netherlands) may nominate up to 3 players for the Rest of Europe Team . Any Welsh player wishing to take part should contact Russell Sherwood by 22nd September

4. Each player will play two games (one with White, one with Black) against her/his

opponent on her/his board.

5. Start date is November 1, 2019.

6. Team Captains are CCE Jan Bart Daatselaar (Netherlands) and GM Artis Gaujens (Rest of Europe). Tournament Director is CCM        Razumikhin, Andrey Mikhailovich (Russia).

7. Order of boards will be set in concordance with ICCF ratings being taken from

up-to-date rating list (i.e. 2019/4).

EurozoneFriendly Match

Advice from WCCF regarding new ICCF rules

Austin Lockwood  Thursday, August 29, 2019

The attached advice was distributed to representatives of correspondence chess clubs affiliated to WCCF; it will be of particular interest to Welsh members of Natcor or BCCA who play tournaments on the ICCF webserver.

WCCF see this as a positive move which can only benefit players, however it will require a slightly different approach by our affiliated clubs from next year.

WCCF will do whatever is required to support our affiliates and their Welsh players during this transition.


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