Eligibility Criteria

Austin Lockwood  Wednesday, May 27, 2015

  1. To be eligible to play under the Welsh flag in ICCF, a player must be either be:
    1. Born or be currently resident in Wales, or,
    2. have a family link or other strong affinity to Wales (to be approved by the WCCF Executive Committee).
  2. In order to represent Wales in ICCF international team matches or team tournaments (excluding international friendly matches), a player must normally meet criterion 1a, however, players meeting only 1b may also be considered in certain circumstances, for example:
    1. A team is in danger of not reaching full complement,
    2. they have made a significant contribution to Welsh correspondence chess,
    3. there are other compelling factors.
    Eligibility under 2a, 2b and 2c is at the discretion of the WCCF Executive Committee.
  3. Players requesting a transfer from other ICCF federations must meet the above requirements. All transfers are by agreement with the player’s original federation, and the approval of the WCCF Executive Committee.
  4. Players who have an affinity to Wales, but who play under the flags of other countries, may represent Wales in international friendly matches at the discretion of the WCCF Executive Committee.
The above criteria were approved by the WCCF Executive Committee, July 2014.
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