Welsh Titles

Austin Lockwood  Monday, August 29, 2016

All Welsh players may compete in international play for the ICCF titles of Correspondence Chess Expert, Correspondence Chess Master, International Master, Senior International Master and Grand Master; however the Welsh Correspondence Chess Federation also awards national Welsh titles for various achievements.  These are listed below:

Honorary Member

Honorary membership of the Welsh Correspondence Chess Federation is awarded to anyone who has made a significant contribution to correspondence chess in Wales, this title is not restricted to Welsh players, and is ratified by the Executive Committee.

Current honorary members are:

  • Neil Limbert (ENG), 2015: As general secretary of the British Correspondence Chess Association, Neil gave a huge amount of support to the fledgling WCCF on it's formation in 2012, including attending our inaugral meeting in Prestatyn, taking minutes, and encouraging Welsh members of BCCA to support the new federation. Neil gave his full support to BCCA joining as one of the founder member organisations; BCCA remain one of our most important members and this award is in recognition of that support.
  • Eric Ruch (FRA) and Michael Millstone (USA), 2016: The Welsh federation is grateful to ICCF for electing Wales as a member federation in South Africa in 2012, and for supporting our bid to host Congress in Cardiff in 2015.  As the President and General Secretary of ICCF, the WFCC Executive Committee have voted unanimously to offer Eric Ruch and Michael Millstone honorary membership of the federation in recognition of the support given to Welsh correspondence chess players by ICCF over the past four years.
  • Fred Clough and Martyn Griffiths, 2017: To celebrate the West Wales victory in the 2016/7 Ward Higgs British Counties and Districts Championship, WCCF would like to offer honorary membership to two members of the victorious team, both of whom have been stalwarts of Welsh correspondence chess for many years. Citations by Ian Jones.
  • Tony Balshaw, 2018: In recognition of his long standing as one of Wales' top players and his contributions to international teams.

Welsh CC Master

The titlle of Welsh Correspondence Chess Master is awarded to any Welsh player who maintains a rating of over 2300 over four successive ICCF rating lists. From 2017 onwards, the WCCM title is also awarded to winners of the Welsh Correspondence Chess Championship.

  • Austin Lockwood
  • Tony Balshaw
  • Russell Sherwood
  • Helen Sherwood*
  • John Claridge
  • Peter Varley
  • Gareth Yeo
  • Alex Sherwood
  • Ian Jones
  • Phillip Dean
  • Mark Adams
  • Paul Scott
  • Paul Keevil
  • William Bishop
  • Craig Evans

(*WCCC Winner)

Welsh CC Expert

The titlle of Welsh Correspondence Chess Expert is awarded to any Welsh player who maintains a rating of over 2100 over four successive ICCF rating lists.  From 2017 onwards, the title of WCCE is also offered to winners of a Welsh Championship qualifying section.

  • John L Williams
  • Glynn Sinnett
  • Adam Davies
  • Aytac Yuce
  • Dale Cannon
  • Fred Clough
  • Chris Fordham-Hall
  • Paul Scott
  • Andrew Gibbons
  • Eric Nettles
  • Andrew Smith*
  • Paul Hatchett
  • John Thornton
  • Peter Bevan
  • Sean Denton
  • Stephen Bailey
  • Marc Wakeham
  • David Phillip Morgan
  • Eric Paul Nettles
  • Rhys Jones

(*WCCC Qualification Section Winner)

President's List

Any player who represents Wales in at least fifteen friendly matches is awarded a place on the President's List.

  • Malcom Chugg
  • Ian Jones
  • Russell Sherwood
  • Marc Wakeham
  • Bill Flew
  • Phillip Dean
  • Helen Sherwood
  • David Guy
  • Alex Sherwood
  • Vaughan Thomas
  • Arthur Wilding
  • Peter Bevan
  • Mike Richards
  • David Roberts
  • Aytac Yuce
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