Tournament Entry Fees

Austin Lockwood  Friday, September 20, 2013

ICCF Tournaments

You can enter the following ICCF tournaments through the Welsh Correspondence Chess Federation:

  • World Individual Candidates £14.50
  • World Individual Semi Final and Preliminary £24.00
  • World Individual Ladies £11.50
  • World Individual Open/Higher/Aspirer 7-player £5.00
  • World Individual Master £8.00
  • World Cup £9.00
  • Thematics £8.00
  • Master Norm £19.00
  • GM Norm £24.00
  • Veterans £9.00
  • Webserver Open £5.50
  • Chess 960 £8.00

WCCF offer a free Aspirer or Open class tournament to new players, this is strictly one per player.

Please note that you can enter ICCF tournaments directly through the ICCF website, paying in Euros, you will also find other tournaments listed there.  For the lower cost events Direct Entry is often cheaper and more convenient than entering through WCCF; for higher cost tournaments it is usually considerably cheaper to enter via WCCF.

Payment to WCCF can be made by cheque, direct bank transfer (please contact the treasurer for details), or using PayPal (Select "About>Online Payment" above).

Welsh Tournaments

Entry to the 2017 Welsh Championship was free, a fee (to be announced) will apply to the 2019 and subsequent tournaments.

WCCF organise short "Trio" tournaments for new players, these are started as sections are filled, players may enter two free trio tournaments per year, entry to subsequent events is £5.00

British Tournaments (England)

  • British Championship (BCCC): Entries by 1 September annually £12.00
  • British CC Team Championship £24 per team
  • Adjudication Fee £10.00 (does not apply to BCCC)
  • Appeal Adjudication Fee £20.00 (does not apply to BCCC)

Entry is through EFCC, please see their website for further details.

British Tournaments (Wales)

  • British Webserver Team Tournament £20.00 per team
  • British Ladies Correspondence Chess Championship (contact organiser for details)

Entry is through WCCF

International Tournaments (Wales​)

  • ​States and Regions Correspondence Chess Championship £10.00 per team

Entry is through WCCF

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