Tournament Entry Fees

Austin Lockwood  Friday, September 20, 2013

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World Events   
World Championship Preliminaries & Semi-finals£27.00£32.00n/a
World Championship Candidates£16.00£21.00n/a
Master Class Promotion Tournament£7.00£12.00n/a
Higher Class Promotion Tournament£4.00£9.00n/a
Open Class Promotion Tournament *£4.00£9.00n/a
Aspirer Tournaments *£4.00£9.00n/a
* First entry free to new Premium and National members   
Open Events   
World Cup events (including Veterans and Chess960 events)£10.00£15.00n/a
Webserver Open events£5.00£10.00n/a
International Open events£6.00£11.00n/a
Thematic Opening events£6.50£11.50n/a
Chess 960 events£6.00£11.00n/a
Norm Events   
Grand Master Norm events£25.00£30.00n/a
SIM Norm events£22.00£27.00n/a
Master Norm events£22.00£27.00n/a
CCM Norm events£17.00£22.00n/a
CCE Norm events£17.00£22.00n/a
Champions League   
Champions League (per team)£30.00£35.00n/a
European Events   
European Individual Open Class£4.00£9.00n/a
European Championship - Preliminaries£6.50£11.50n/a
European Championship - Semifinals (WS)£27.50£32.50n/a
European Championship - Semifinals (PO)£7.50£12.50n/a
European Championship - Candidates£16.00£21.00n/a
British Events   
British Correspondence Chess Championship£12.00£12.00£12.00
British Webserver Team Championship (per team)£20.00£20.00£20.00
Welsh Events   
Welsh Trios (up to two per year)Free£5.00Free
Welsh Correspondence Chess ChampionshipFree£5.00n/a
Welsh International Open ChampionshipFree£10.00Free
States and Regions Correspondence Chess Championship (per team)£10.00£20.00£10.00
  • All prices are in pounds sterling
  • All entries are subject to qualification
  • In order to qualify for discounted entries for team events, only the team captain is required to be a Premium or International member
  • Payment should be sent by PayPal, or by cheque to the treasurer.


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