Engine Failure

Russell Sherwood  Sunday, August 28, 2022

Until a few days ago, all was well in my ordered world of correspondence chess. I was active, flying and content with my range of navigational aids. My computer, which is not old, suddenly elected not to fire up. I took it in for repair, but also quickly decided to buy a new computer. This has Windows 11, but it does not have a DVD drive. This enabled me to resume e-mail activity and check my correspondence games.

Although I couldn't use my Komodo 14 disc , or linked access to Chess-base, I started to resume play in my cc games. I was still able to access other databases and discovered I could use the 365Chess.Com Stockfish Analysis Board.

My old computer cannot be repaired. I'm working through the loss issues, including loss of e-mail addresses, and turning my thoughts to acquiring a new chess playing programme. I'm finding that while I can get by without one, I miss the high-level advanced readings and evaluations of theoretical positions which these give. 

Chess games are often decided by very fine margins. I feel blooded, but unbowed. I need to restore and improve my navigational aids to stay competitive. 


Footnote. 3 days on. If you find yourself in my position, don't despair. Losing your engine can be challenging, and may make you feel like packing it in. Don't do this. Don't be afraid to ask for help. There are many ways of restoring chess software to your computer. Failing this, you can also buy an external hard drive to reinstall your DVD. For now, my engine and I are back and restored.


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