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Sherwood, Russell  Monday, November 16, 2020

As time goes on and as your rating increases Victories and rating increases become harder to achieve as the opportunities and margin for victory become fewer.

Over the last year I have worked and continue to work on a number of these kinds of projects and following some introspection have decided to open up some to others. Included in the list are:

Engine Experience

Many years ago there was a CAP project that sort to build a fully analysed engine tree. In more recent times the Cerebellum project has sought a similar, if more advanced outcome as the tree would be optimized. The issue with these approaches is that the outcome Is static as far as the user goes.  Another approach is to build a tree , where the analysis is used as an input to new analysis rather than an end result and if better, deeper analysis occurs for the same position it becomes the new standard.  So far work on this has reached a little over 7million analysed positions.

Dragon Opening Books

An issue with modern CC is that many players used the same small source of opening books and databases, which reduces the amount of diversity in moves played.  I have been working on developing a number of books and continue to work on others.  The first of these – “White Dragon” will be released to WCCF Premium/International members soon.


I got tired of searching, so created a number of my own which will be available to WCCF Premium/International members.

SHEAR Chess Engine

Whenever I go through a review of engines it becomes obvious the different engines have different useful features – so the aim is to bring them all together in one engine – a Swiss army knife or sorts. SHEAR is this engine. Of course, some of my own ideas are also being added on top of this!

Analysis Techniques

As part of a long-time project I have started recording a number of videos on Engine Analysis techniques

Lesser known Software and Functions

There are plenty of lesser known functions of chess software and indeed lesser known chess Software. Some of these are “game changers” for your specific approach. Again some videos are planned to explain some of these!


With the new NNEU enhancement to Chess engines it makes it relatively simple for anyone to develop their own analysis network. A first run on this developed a network as strong as the standard stockfish ones of the time. Now with lessons many lessons learned it will soon be time for another run for a network developed for CC!

This is just a taster of what is happening in the background – more details will be released in coming weeks but as a general rule if people want to be involved, they need to contribute to those projects and of course the more people who get involved the faster projects move!

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