Survey Results

Sherwood, Russell  Friday, December 4, 2020

The GUI and Engine Survey game some interesting results, most as expected but with a few surprises. This has given me ideas for a number of articles and videos!





A few observations

  • Consolidating the data we see that the average person probably uses two different GUI but a significant number only use one. As none of the GUI has "All the best bits" this represents an opportunity area!
  • That Chessbase came out on top was not a surprise but Hiarcs and Aquarium's share was somewhat higher than expected, so material will be added to the list for these 
  • Fritz's position I believe being down to its cost positioning as an entry point into Chessbase products


Engine Use

The average person is probably using a mix of 3-4 Engines. The results here were a little more surprising



Stockfish dominates the market as expected, although the portion utilizing classical Stockfish was much higher than expected (Although classical stockfish does some things better than NNUE, it is generally inferior to NNUE versions (if you dont know the difference that is an article in itself!)

Otherwise, Komodo, LCZero and Stockfish Variants are utilized at the same level.

As I said these has given me some ideas for new content!





Updated Friday, December 4, 2020 by Russell Sherwood

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