Rakhmanov’s Secrets of Opening Preparation

Sherwood, Russell  Monday, July 12, 2021

Aleksander Rakhmanov

360 Pages

Thinkers Publishing


Opening Preparation is a vital part of a Modern CC player's armoury, but it is an area which is not covered well in contemporary chess literature. There are many books covering specific openings and very good ones on developing an opening repertoire, but the area of opening preparation is one with a much less effective coverage.

This book is a very interesting take on how a 2650 FIDE GM approaches opening preparation. The text is almost engine free, but does provide a number of ideas relevant to CC to the diligent reader. - Chapter 10 "Personalizing your preparation to the Opponent" give some excellent ideas which can be easily modified to CC use.

Rating: 89% - A set of very interesting ideas for the aspiring player, held back slightly by the price.


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Updated Monday, July 12, 2021 by Russell Sherwood

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