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2017 Honorary Members Fred Clough and Martyn Griffiths

Austin Lockwood  Monday, September 11, 2017

To celebrate the West Wales victory in the 2016/7 Ward Higgs British Counties and Districts Championship, WCCF would like to offer honorary membership to two members of the victorious team, Fred Clough and Martyn Griffiths, both of whom have been stalwarts of Welsh correspondence chess for many years. Citations by Ian Jones.

Counties and Districts Correspondence Chess Championship

Russell Sherwood  Saturday, September 9, 2017

Following on the from the superb performnces from West Wales A (winning the event), East Wales A (gaining promotion to the top tier) and West Wales B (gaining promotion to the 2nd tier) it is now time to finalise teams for the coming season.

A Lancashire team is being raised as well, which might be of interest to those living around the Northen border!

If you are interested in taking part and have not already registered an interest , please get in touch by the 19th of September to register your interest at [email protected]

If you are unsure about eligibility get in touch at the above address!




Title certificates from ICCF Congress

Austin Lockwood  Thursday, September 7, 2017

The awards of International Master (John Claridge) and Lady Grand Master (Helen Sherwood) were presented this week at the ICCF Congress in Albena, Bulgaria; the medals and certficates will be on their way to the recipients shortly!

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ICCF Congress Report 2017 - Day Two/Three

Originally Published by Lancashire Correspondence Chess Association

Austin Lockwood  Sunday, August 13, 2017

Number Proposal For Against Abstentions Outcome
003 Allow Congress to Fix Known Problems 39 1 15 Passed
022 Combining 8 ICCF Rule Documents into 1 22 11 23 Passed
021 Move All Playing Rules Only Described in the TD Manuals to the Playing Rules       Withdrawn
007 Delete Unnecessary Sentence from TR 5.1 38 0 18 Passed
008 Clarifying Player Eligibility 28 10 18 Passed
034 Two Clarifications for the Playing Rules - Server 30 6 20 Passed
006 One Team per Team Captain 33 5 18 Passed
004 When an Active Player Fails to File an Adjudication Claim 38 1 16 Passed
027 Claims in Cases of Withdrawal 33 3 20 Passed
030 To Extend Usage of Nalimov TB up to 7-man 14 18 24 Defeated
015 Eliminate 50-Move Rule when a 7-Piece Ending is Present 25 13 18 Passed
005 Simplifying Adjudication/Cancellation Procedures 38 0 18 Passed
029 Alleviating the Draw Offer Rule 27 8 21 Passed
017 Proposal Regarding Live Transmission of Moves 19 15 22 Passed
014 Establishment of ICCF World Zone 31 7 18 Passed
013 Regulating Zonal Membership Changes 31 2 23 Passed
Internal Matters
018 Use of the Online Voting System Should Not be Compulsory        
026 Increase ICCF Governance of Member Organisations        

Updated Wednesday, September 6, 2017 by Austin Lockwood

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West Wales have won The Ward Higgs

Ian Jones  Tuesday, September 5, 2017

West Wales are the new British County and District Correspondence Chess Champions.

Winning the Ward-Higgs trophy.

It’s the first time that a Welsh team has won this event in its 95 year history.

The team has been undefeated in the last two years with a plus 17 score.

Thank you it’s been and honour to have captained and played for this team.

Martyn Griffiths,Russell Sherwood,Gareth Yeo,Andrew Gibbons,Adam Davies,Fred Clough,Glyn Sinnett and Ian Jones.

Wales have in the last two seasons won The Ward-Higgs, The Sinclair twice and the Butler-Thomas Trophies.

If you are interested in playing in this event next season please e mail us [email protected]

ICCF Congress Report 2017 - Day One/Two

Originally Published by Lancashire Correspondence Chess Association

Austin Lockwood  Sunday, August 13, 2017

Number Proposal For Against Abstentions Outcome
Qualifications Commissioner
012 Games in National Events to Count Towards the IA Title 19 20 17 Defeated
024 Count ICCF Free Matches to TD`s Qualification for IA Title 25 8 22 Passed
025 Award SIM Title to ICCF World Cup Winner 27 7 22 Passed
032 Title Norms -  70th Final of European Individual Championships - Postal 35 1 20 Passed
028 Title System for Chess 960 to be Integrated into Regular Chess Events 8 28 20 Defeated
019 Awarding Medals for CCE/CCM Titles 30 6 20 Passed
Services Director
031 Improve the Player Experience for Tournament Registration and Entry 32 4 20 Passed
009 Credit Card Module or Alternative Payment System 37 0 19 Passed
011 Approve Services Committee Budget for 2018 37 0 19 Passed

Updated Tuesday, September 5, 2017 by Austin Lockwood

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ICCF Congress Report 2017 - Day One

Originally Published by Lancashire Correspondence Chess Association

Austin Lockwood  Sunday, August 13, 2017

I will report daily updates from the 2017 ICCF Congress being held in Albena, Bulgaria, here from Monday 4th September.

Number Proposal For Against Abstentions Outcome
001 Approve the 2016 Congress Minutes 37 0 19 Passed
Membership Matters
002 New Member Federation Application- Indonesia 38 0 18 Passed
033 Member Federation - Dismissal - Tunisia 33 1 22 Passed
016 Clarifying the Status of Isolated Players 35 3 18 Passed
Financial Matters
023 Allow Member Federations to have 210 Games Each Year -- Free of Charge 25 13 18 Passed

Updated Monday, September 4, 2017 by Austin Lockwood

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East Wales win The Sinclair.

Ian Jones  Friday, September 1, 2017

East Wales have won the County CC Championships (C & DCCC) Division 2

The Sinclair.

Like last year in The Butler-Thomas they have won by a clear 4 points

It’s been a performance that’s seen them take the Division Title with 14.5/16!

Next season will see two Welsh teams in The Ward-Higgs.

If you are interested in playing County Chess please contact Russell Sherwood


Wales have won The British Tri Nations again

Ian Jones  Friday, September 1, 2017

Wales won The British Tri Nations 2016, with a plus 9 score, beating England the holders into second place.

Alex Sherwood, Gareth Yeo, Dale Cannon, Aytaç Yüce, Fred Clough, Andrew Smith, Andrew Robertshaw, Paul Scott and Danny den Drijver all played very well, in this event.

I think that every single Welsh participant produced at least one game, which can be favourably compared with their creative output to date.

Paul Scott’s scored an impressive 4/4. Paul started this tournament with an 1800 grade and is now very near 2200.

The Time Machine

Russell Sherwood  Thursday, August 17, 2017

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