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Counties & Districts Correspondence Chess Championship 2024

Russell Sherwood  Sunday, March 10, 2024

The Joint British Committee is pleased to announce the 2024 Counties and Districts Correspondence Chess Championship.

As in the past the event will be made up of 3 Divisions of teams of 8 players, using the Hutton pairing system. As each player only undertakes 2 games, this is an ideal event for both new and experienced players.

The closing date for entries is the 7th of April, with an expected start date of the 21st of April, leading to an end date of 22/02/2025 with any remaining games going to Adjudication. The entry fee is £15 per team and entries should be sent to the Tournament Organiser, Russell Sherwood, who will confirm payment options.

Players in established teams should contact their team captains. New players wishing to take part should contact Phil Beckett (ENG) , Dave Kilgour (SCO) or Russell Sherwood(WLS) for encouragement and advice on possible teams. As a reminder, place of birth, education or residence are all valid qualification reasons for team membership.

The rules may be found here


Welsh Correspondence Chess Championships

Russell Sherwood  Friday, January 19, 2024

The Welsh Correspondence Chess Championship 2023 is now over with Nick Bishop being the well deserved Champion. Followed by DP Morgan and Marc Wakeham.

Cross Table (iccf.com)

Peter Bevan wins the Qualifiers, followed by Vaughan Thomas.

Cross Table (iccf.com)

Following the AGM, the Welsh Championships will now commence on an annual basis, with the next event starting on Feb 28th 2024., with a closing date of Feb 15th. The Entry window is now open:

  1. Entry is free for Welsh-flagged players.
  2. Nick Bishop, DP Morgan, Peter Bevan and Vaughan Thomas are automatically qualified to the Final, beyond this allocation will be on a rating basis.
  3. Lower-rated players can request placement in the 2nd tier of the event.

More detailed rules can be found at WCCC Rules (welshccf.org.uk)


Entries or Enquiries  should be made to Russell Sherwood


SCCA League Teams

Russell Sherwood  Friday, January 12, 2024

The WCCF are seeking to enter teams into the SCCA League.

These are quite relaxed events, with 4 games per play in 4 player teams.

Cross Table (iccf.com)

There are three divisions and are suitable for players of all ratings.

If you are interested in taking part please get in touch with Russell Sherwood


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Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda

Russell Sherwood  Sunday, December 24, 2023

On behalf of WCCF, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

Merry Christmas

2nd CCM Norm and Title for Peter Grayson

Russell Sherwood  Sunday, December 24, 2023

Congratulations to Peter Grayson on achieving a 2nd CCM Norm and the Title in EFCC 60 RUBY


WCCF Invitationals

Russell Sherwood  Sunday, December 10, 2023

WCCF 14,15,16 and 17 are underway. Good luck to all the players involved.

WCCF 14 Cat 3  IM +2, CCM =0, CCE -1

WCCF 15 Cat 6 SIM +2, IM +1

WCCF 16 Cat 8 GM +2, SIM +1, IM +1, CCM -1

WCCF 17 Cat 10 GM +1, SIM +1, IM=0

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CCM Norm for Gerald Jenkins

Russell Sherwood  Monday, December 4, 2023

Congratulations to Gerald Jenkins on achieving a CCM Norm. 


WCCF Invitationals

Russell Sherwood  Monday, December 4, 2023

Update: Following a couple of withdrawals and letdowns, we are waiting on confirmation of a couple of additional players. As soon as these are confirmed the full set of events will commence

Currently, we look to have Cat 10, Cat 8/9, Cat 6 and Cat 3




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WCCF Winter Bash

Russell Sherwood  Monday, December 4, 2023

As we come to the end of the year, we will be holding another Special event: The WCCF Winter Bash.

This event:

  1. Is Open to all Welsh-flagged and resident members
  2. Will be played, using Triple block 365 days, with guaranteed time.
  3. Be Open to All ratings
  4. Be played on a mixed rating basis, using either a standard single round-robin or Silli format , contingent on the number of entries.
  5. Whilst rated in the normal way, uniquely this event will have its final standings: 1)  based on standard, Baumbach and SB scores 2) Using Predicted moves as the first tie-break.


What is the predicted move's tie-break? From moves 10-50, the count of the opponent's moves predicted correctly will be used to determine the Tie-breaks. More details will be published closer to the event.  This tie-break does not affect the outcome of the rating outcome of the game.

This is a fun event, designed to be played at speed and allows players to contribute to a possible future direction of Correspondence chess.

Entries should be sent to Russell Sherwood [email protected]




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