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Rydym yn Ffrindiau - Amici Sumus

11th European Team Championship - Final

Austin Lockwood  Thursday, April 4, 2024

This tournament is now completed!

We have known for some time that the Gold in this prestigious event has been won by Wales, and the medals will be presented to the team at our Congress in Llandudno later this year; however we can now confirm the Silver (Austria) and Bronze (Slovenia) medal places.

Following the final result yesterday, we can also now confirm that John Claridge has won Board Three outright for Wales.

Well played John!

2023/24 Medal and Certificate Awards

Austin Lockwood  Saturday, March 30, 2024

Players from Wales, England, or further afield, earning an ICCF title (GM, SIM, IM, CCM, CCE or a tournament award) between 1st April 2023 and 31st March 2024 are cordially invited by the Welsh Correspondence Chess Federation to receive their awards personally from the ICCF President at the ICCF awards ceremony, which traditionally takes place on the first day of the annual ICCF Congress.

The 2024 Awards Ceremony will take place at the Imperial Hotel, Llandudno, on the morning of Monday 12th August.  WCCF can arrange overnight accommodation at the Imperial Hotel (please see the online registration form); alternatively, there are several guest houses and B&Bs within easy walking distance.

Players staying overnight in Llandudno, and their partners, are also cordially invited by WCCF to the Welcome Party, buffet meal, and complimentary drinks, also at the Imperial Hotel on the previous evening (depending on numbers, there may be a small charge for players who are not WCCF members - this will be advertised in advance).

Players wishing to attend the Welcome Party and/or the Awards Ceremony MUST register their attendance online before 12th July 2024; any player arriving without having registered will not be awarded with a medal and will not be permitted to enter the Welcome Party.

The full ICCF Congress programme is available here.

The Seventh and Final British Webserver Team Tournament has now Completed

Austin Lockwood  Saturday, March 30, 2024

Congratulations to "SchemingMind A" for winning the first division, and to "BCCA Strategists" for winning the second division.

(One game still remains in the second division, but it is not decisive.)

Unfortunately correspondence chess clubs in the United Kingdom have declined dramatically in recent years, culminating in the tragic collapse last year of one of the oldest CC clubs in the world, the British Correspondence Chess Association (BCCA).  A tournament for "clubs" or "member organisations" no longer reflects the reality of the way that British CC is organised in 2024, so this will be the final edition of the BWSTT.

WCCF will continue to offer alternative innovative events for Welsh, British, and International players in the future.

An Invitation to Over the Board Chess Players from North Wales and Chester

Austin Lockwood  Thursday, March 28, 2024

The Welsh Correspondence Chess Federation will be hosting our third international ICCF Congress in Llandudno from 11-15th August 2024.

As part of our programme, we will be running two over the board chess events, a blitz tournament, and a chess match against international correspondence chess players from ICCF.

All over the board players from North Wales and Chester are heartily invited to participate in either or both of these events; entry to both is free.  Please see the attached flier for further details.


Welsh Champs and Qualifiers

Russell Sherwood  Saturday, March 23, 2024

The current versions of the event have been deleted, and new events will be launched tomorrow.


Rudolf Kolesknikov Memorial Team Tournament

Russell Sherwood  Sunday, March 17, 2024

We are looking to field two teams for the attached under 2300 TEAM event.

If you are Welsh flagged, rated below 2300 and interested in representing Wales please get in touch by the 1st of May.

Russell Sherwood


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2400+ rated Welsh players look out for an email on the WCCC Semi-Finals!

Russell Sherwood  Sunday, March 10, 2024

Could you be the one!

ICCFWorld Champs

Last Call for Welsh Champs 2024

Russell Sherwood  Sunday, March 10, 2024

Last call for the Welsh Champs 2024 - currently we have 13 entries with an average rating of around, 2300

(Sherwood, Wakeham, Sherwood, Bowley, Evans, Grayson, Bastow, Robinson, Jones, Jenkins, Gunn, Morgan and Hurn)

If you wish to take part and are not on the list please get in touch ASAP. With the current entries the event will be played as an All Play All, if more entries are received this may be amended 

Russell Sherwood


Counties & Districts Correspondence Chess Championship 2024

Russell Sherwood  Sunday, March 10, 2024

The Joint British Committee is pleased to announce the 2024 Counties and Districts Correspondence Chess Championship.

As in the past the event will be made up of 3 Divisions of teams of 8 players, using the Hutton pairing system. As each player only undertakes 2 games, this is an ideal event for both new and experienced players.

The closing date for entries is the 7th of April, with an expected start date of the 21st of April, leading to an end date of 22/02/2025 with any remaining games going to Adjudication. The entry fee is £15 per team and entries should be sent to the Tournament Organiser, Russell Sherwood, who will confirm payment options.

Players in established teams should contact their team captains. New players wishing to take part should contact Phil Beckett (ENG) , Dave Kilgour (SCO) or Russell Sherwood(WLS) for encouragement and advice on possible teams. As a reminder, place of birth, education or residence are all valid qualification reasons for team membership.

The rules may be found here


Welsh Correspondence Chess Championships

Russell Sherwood  Friday, January 19, 2024

The Welsh Correspondence Chess Championship 2023 is now over with Nick Bishop being the well deserved Champion. Followed by DP Morgan and Marc Wakeham.

Cross Table (iccf.com)

Peter Bevan wins the Qualifiers, followed by Vaughan Thomas.

Cross Table (iccf.com)

Following the AGM, the Welsh Championships will now commence on an annual basis, with the next event starting on Feb 28th 2024., with a closing date of Feb 15th. The Entry window is now open:

  1. Entry is free for Welsh-flagged players.
  2. Nick Bishop, DP Morgan, Peter Bevan and Vaughan Thomas are automatically qualified to the Final, beyond this allocation will be on a rating basis.
  3. Lower-rated players can request placement in the 2nd tier of the event.

More detailed rules can be found at WCCC Rules (welshccf.org.uk)


Entries or Enquiries  should be made to Russell Sherwood

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