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CCM Norm for Peter Grayson

Russell Sherwood  Friday, November 3, 2023

Congratulations to Peter on achieving a CCM Norm in Cross Table (iccf.com)

I am sure the hunt continues for the 2nd!


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WCCF Potential new Events

Russell Sherwood  Sunday, October 15, 2023

A suggestion has been made for potential events the WCCF could offer.

For several years we have had the Trio events, but these have been dormant due to inactivity.

There are two potential events:

  1. A 5 player, single round-robin event with each player playing a single game against each opponent – four games in total.
  2. A Ladder event where players two games against a single opponent, in a limited number of pairings. The overall results of games are calculated for each player, up to a total of 20 games, to create a leaderboard.

In both cases, only Welsh-flagged premium members would be able to take part (as otherwise, these would be Open events, which have severe limitations)

We would look to include a limited number of events within the premium membership fee, with additional entries at a flat rate to be determined.

Below is a link to a survey with a few questions related to the potential events. Whilst the first event could run when 5 players are interested, the second would realistically need 15-20 players to be viable.

Below is the link for a short survey, which will remain Open until 17/11


Russell Sherwood


Champions of Europe!

Austin Lockwood  Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Wales are now officially the undisputed Champions of Europe, having a now unassailable score of 50.5 in the 11th European Team Championship

Gold medals will be awarded to each team member at ICCF Congress, which, in a beautiful twist of fate, will next be held on home soil in Llandudno!

Congratulations in particular to Tony Balshaw and Helen Sherwood for completing their final norms for the SIM and IM titles respectively in the event and to John Claridge for fininishing first on Board Three and Ian Jones for finishing joint first on Board Four.

The event was completed without a single defeat.  An incredible result for the lowest seeds in the event against some of the European CC giants, for a title which has never before been won by a British team.

The Gold medal gives an automatic qualification for the final of the 12th Championship, and bragging rights for many years to come.

Cymru am byth!

Silver Bertl von Massow Medal for Russell Sherwood

Austin Lockwood  Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Congratulations to Russell for being awarded the Silver Bertl von Massow Medal at the recent ICCF Congress in Amsterdam.

The Bertl von Massow Medal in Silver is awarded for ten years meritorious service to ICCF and well deserved!

2nd SIM Norm and Title for Tony Balshaw

Russell Sherwood  Monday, September 11, 2023

In completing Wales games in the European Team Championship, Tony picked up a 2nd SIM Norm and hence the Title. Excellent!

Cross Table (iccf.com)


11th European Team Championship Update

Austin Lockwood  Monday, September 11, 2023

The Welsh team have now finished all games in the 11th European Team Championship, securing a final score of 50.5 points (+5).

With only twelve games remaining in the event, no other team can now better that total and only two from Slovenia, Germany or Italy can equal it and finish above Wales on tie breaks.  Wales are therefore now guaranteed a podium finish, a medal, and qualification for the 12th Final, making this team the most successful ever British team in a European Team Championship... an outstanding achievement!

The only open question now is... which medal... We await the final results with eager anticipation!

Hopefully the final places will be known in time for the medals to be produced and awarded to the team on home soil at the 2024 ICCF Congress in Llandudno next August.

CCE Norm and Title for Peter Grayson

Russell Sherwood  Sunday, September 10, 2023

Congratulations to Peter on achieving a 2nd Norm and the CCE Title.


A New (New) British Record

Austin Lockwood  Saturday, September 2, 2023

Some months ago I posted an article congratulating Scotland on the best ever British performance in a European Team Championship... unfortunately (for Scotland, not for Wales!), that record didn't stand for very long.  In the same tournament, Wales are now +4 with only two games remaining, which is guaranteed to exceed Scotland's score by at least three points.

The British Record table now looks like this:

FinalTeamScore+/-Percent ScoreFinal PositionGoldSilverBronze
11thWales50.5+552%No lower than 3rdOngoingOngoingOngoing
1stGreat Britain43-544.79%7thSoviet UnionGermanyAustria
5thEngland52-1643.33%10thGermanyLithuaniaCzech Republic
6thEngland60.5-2342.0112thGermanyLithuaniaCzech Republic
2ndGreat Britain42.5-11.539.35%8thSoviet UnionGermanyNetherlands

So, with two games to go, Wales are already the most successful British team ever in the European Team Championship, easily beating Great Britain's 7th place in the first final and England's 47.92% in the 9th.

Can Wales go on to challenge the giants of Germany or Italy and win a podium position?... The next ICCF Congress will be in Llandudno next August, and it would be wonderful for the team to be presented with medals on Welsh soil.... Watch this space!

Unfortunately Wales are now the only British team which can qualify for the 12th final.

2nd IM Norm and Title for Helen Sherwood

Russell Sherwood  Wednesday, August 23, 2023

With a (probably!) crucial victory in the European Team Championships, Helen secures a 2nd IM Norm and the Title


ICCF Congress comes to Wales in 2024!

Russell Sherwood  Wednesday, August 23, 2023

The 51st ICCF Congress will come to Wales again in 2024, around August 11-15th in Llandudno

Details are to be confirmed but we encourage Welsh Correspondence Chess players to get involved!

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