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CCE Norm for Jon Coles

Russell Sherwood  Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Congratulations to Jon Coles in picking up a CCE Norm in DE 15th Webserver Anniversary pr 24

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Tip of the Week #5

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11th European Team Championship - Final

Russell Sherwood  Sunday, June 20, 2021

The Finals of the 11th European Team Championships are underway.

Good Luck to the Welsh Team.

Welsh Team

  1. SIM Gareth Yeo Cat 11 +2 for GM Norm
  2. IM Tony Balshaw Cat 11 +1 SIM, +2 GM
  3. SIM John Claridge Cat 10 +3 GM
  4. IM Ian Jones Cat 9 +2 SIM, +3 GM
  5. IM Austin Lockwood Cat 9 +2 SIM, +3 GM
  6. CCM Russell Sherwood Cat 8 +1 IM, +2 SIM, +4 GM
  7. LGM Helen Sherwood Cat 7 +1 IM, +3 SIM, +4 GM
  8. CCM Mark Adams Cat 6 +2 IM, +3 SIM 

Also, congratulations to Scotland and any other Home Nations teams who qualified for probably the strongest international team event!


British Solving Championship

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Tip of the week #4

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World Team Cup

Russell Sherwood  Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Reminder: If you are interested in playing in this event, please register your interest 


Nol van 't Riet Memorial

Russell Sherwood  Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Good Luck to Rhys Jones in Nol van 't Riet Memorial GROUP B 

and Alex Bullen in Nol van 't Riet Memorial GROUP C

These Memorials are in celebration of  the life of Nol van 't Riet


Tip of the week #3B

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Tip of the Week#3A

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Welsh Correspondence Chess Championships

Russell Sherwood  Tuesday, June 1, 2021


The event is stronger than ever with an very interesting Championship section, with an average rating of 2331.  The question on most observers’ minds: Is the “double” possible?

The outright winner receives an engraved trophy and the Welsh Correspondence Chess Master Title. In addition, an outright winner will qualify for a Welsh nomination for the Finals of the British Correspondence Chess Championships (assuming other criteria are met)

Cross Table (iccf.com)


We have two qualifiers’ sections. The outright winner of each selection will receive the Title of Welsh Correspondence Chess Expert and qualify for the following Welsh Championship Final

Cross Table (iccf.com)

Cross Table (iccf.com)

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